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Audi x AirBnB



In 2016, Audi launched the fastest production

car in their history: The 205-mph Audi R8

supercar. To celebrate, we created the ultimate

high-speed fantasy for all those enthusiasts who

truly LiveTo Drive. And then we partnered with

Airbnb to make it a reality. The house and the two

R8s from the commercial were listed on Airbnb

and we invited the world to rent them for a limited

time. The integrated campaign included TV, online film, PR and social, and was promoted through all Airbnb social and digital channels, driving people

to the listing page for "The Home of the Audi R8" on

The campaign generated 17MM+ digital views and 112+ PR impressions. More importantly, the listing sold out in less than 5 seconds. And 23 lucky fans were given the driving and living experience of

a life time.

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