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Working on an athletic brand, let alone a sneaker brand, had always been a dream of mine, and I was lucky enough to be creative director

and part of a killer team that relaunched Reebok. Reebok was a forgotten brand in need of reimagining in an industry dominated by Adidas and Nike. Instead of going, (clears throat) toe

to toe with these behemoths, we took a different route--a more humble route, a more human route. There would be no high-profile athletes who

few could relate to, shilling our wares. Instead

we focused on real people doing real things. We celebrated the tough fitness crowd. A collection

of athletes of all shapes and sizes whose goal is to simply honor their bodies and sharpen their minds through exercise. And we did it with a global launch that included film, digital, print, ooh, and social. During this time of hyper-connectivity where we are constantly encouraged to live on our devices, we reminded people to get up, get out, and

Be More Human.

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